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Elysium Music (BMI) was established in 1999 as the publishing company for the authored works of Anthony Jolley. This collection of synthesizer-based music was written to catalogue sync tracks for film.


Overtime my work has become more representative of an evolution in stylistic qualities unique to my own voice. The music I write comes from an inner realm which reflects the inspirations, thoughts, feelings and emotions accumulated throughout one’s life experiences: relationships, love, beauty, sadness, loss, solace, and tranquility to name a few. It is not unusual to experience these as an artist but when put into an expressive art form such as music, what can emerge is an individualistic potency that reflects the natural sense of its inception. My wish is to successfully transmit this signal from my heart and soul to touch and inspire the spirit of an audience through the aural design of music.

Elysium Music - The Music Publishing Site of Anthony Jolley